Blame Bush, rinse and repeat

Hillary said last night, “George W. Bush, who I think wrecked the economy and created the conditions for the Great Recession.” Alas, this lie gets repeated often enough ignorant people believe it. Consider...

…protectionist tariffs work only if uniformly applied. A tariff on Chinese products would immediately make Japanese, Mexican, and other foreign companies better able to compete in the American market, necessitating another round of tariffs on those countries.

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When we eventually close the restaurant, we’re going to be laying off a team of extraordinary employees. They are hard workers and I respect all of them and they deserve the increase in pay. I simply wish I could continue paying them while making a living myself. As it stands, we’re more or less operating a private charity now.

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Guess what happens when you force employers to pay higher wages? They hire fewer workers and unemployment goes up.

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“The Big Short”: short on reality

Holman Jenkins Nobody expects a Hollywood movie to be journalism, but “The Big Short,” the Hollywood movie about the 2008 financial crisis, partakes of journalism in one sense. It partakes of what might be called the universal journalistic bias, namely to exaggerate...