Norwegian would

Breitbart The Norwegian government has dropped requirements for religious buildings housing migrants to remove crosses after a national backlash. The requirement by the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) had been directed at Churches hoping to house asylum...

Nicolas Poirier, 32, a legal consultant, is an example of the opposition’s concerns, running away from “stifling taxes” and “administrative hell”.

“I only saw France as a country of constraints and irritation, and elsewhere I saw joie de vivre and above all, freedom,” added Poirier.

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Teutonic primitives line up against science

How dispiriting that Germany, home to great scientific minds, succumbs to such hysterical progressive nonsense. WSJ So much for Europe’s efforts to put the junk science surrounding genetically modified (GMO) food to rest. Berlin last week signaled it will prohibit...