Making it illegal to pay less than a given amount does not make a worker’s productivity worth that amount—and, if it is not, that worker is unlikely to be employed

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Democrats preach about creating jobs, while enacting policies that kill jobs.

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Union membership has plummeted in Wisconsin and Indiana since similar worker freedom was allowed. The largest state teachers union in Wisconsin has lost more than half of its 40,000 members in four years.

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DWP: Let’s suck the suckers dry

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power pays its workers more than the City of Los Angeles, which in turn pays its employees way more than workers in the private sector. For most of us, “private sector” means the real world, where market forces...

Wash Day

Ann Althouse posts about life before the washing machine, quoting at length from a book by Robert Caro. (PBS had an excellent series, “1900 House” where this labor was also explored.) The wash was done outside. A huge vat of boiling water would be...

Nothing can get her fired

Instead of bitching about phony civil rights abuses such as Ferguson, activists should be demanding the end of a system that relegates poor kids to grossly incompetent teachers. These poor first graders will be hobbled for life. New York Post. Six strikes and she’s...