Does free healthcare for all people mean the entire Third World?

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Let’s play Clue

Did you hear the one about the capitalist who bought the rights to a drug, Daraprim, and raised the price per pill  from $13.50 to $750? He’s since backed down, but not before Hillary cited this as a reason for greater government regulation of drug prices. But...


Nick Stockton at Wired A BRAIN SURGEON begins an anterior cingulotomy by drilling a small hole into a patient’s skull. The surgeon then inserts a tiny blade, cutting a path through brain tissue, then inserts a probe past sensitive nerves and bundles of blood vessels...

They lose a major chit in their “war on women” narrative

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FDA to America: SPF you!

WSJ: The Food and Drug Administration seems determined to show it is impervious to reform, even if it means dying on the smallest of hills. Now the bureaucracy is defying Congress and the White House by refusing to approve the modern sunscreens that everyone else in...