Many refugees are coming for economic reasons. If so, shouldn’t their economic impacts on host nations count for something?

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Green Derangement Syndrome

The climate change hysterics warn that if we don’t do something drastic (and soon!), rising temperatures will lead to rising sea levels and crop failures. People will die and the world will be flooded with refugees. On “60 Minutes” Sunday, Obama...

President Obama touted his Iran Deal—touted as a “major victory for diplomacy” and “a choice of peace over war.” How lovely. And how fitting that the passing of this “historic” deal was celebrated on the same day that a Syrian baby was washed up on a beach?

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We could tell Assad that the use of barrel bombs must end—and that if they continue, we will stop the Syrian air force from flying. We have that capability.

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The face of tragedy

When I saw the photograph of the drowned boy on the beach in Turkey, it hit hard because he looked like he could be my grandson. As it turns out, they were the same age. The family of a three-year-old Syrian boy whose body was washed up on a beach in Turkey were...